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Duralight® is an innovative acrylic-based composite material, patented by Teuco. A central design feature in our Sydney bathroom showrooms, it is ideal for creative uses and innovative designs requiring durability. It is perfect for complex forms, large objects and curved forms without joints, considerable thicknesses without adhesive, and customised products and installations. This is the ideal material to use any renovation of a Sydney bathroom.

Duralight® is available in a matte or gloss finish. It is highly regarded for being long-lasting, unfading and possessing a high resistance to stains, scratches and mould and mildew formation. It is a pleasure to touch and has a warm and appealing tactile sensation, just like a natural surface, and enhances the pleasure of contact with water. Duralight® is the ultimate modern material for your Sydney bathroom renovations.

With its fluid, joint free forms, Duralight® is visually appealing. It is hygienic and easy to clean and surfaces can be restored to mint condition using a delicate abrasive detergent and an abrasive sponge. As a product that is exclusive to Teuco, the pliability of Duralight® ensures total design freedom and makes it possible to invent precision-engineered bespoke products, including out-of-square. In this way, Teuco Duralight® is the ideal material for the sleek modernism your Sydney bathroom renovations demand.

Teuco Duralight® bathtubs are the only Solid Surface bathtubs which can be fitted with well-being functions. For a closer look at Teuco’s elegant range of Duralight® bathtubs, pay a visit to our Sydney bathroom showroom.


Teuco was launched in 1972 by Virgilio Guzzini. In the years since, the company has revolutionised the way we think about bathrooms. Through its innovative designs, bathrooms no longer need to be hidden away, but instead have become rooms that can be shown off. They are spaces where you can spend the most important moments of your day: those dedicated to pampering yourself. Teuco’s elegant range can be viewed at our Sydney bathroom showroom.

Teuco was the first company to add the Turkish bath inside a shower enclosure, and is the only company to produce Hydrosonic: the hydromassage combined with ultrasounds. More recent innovations include Hydrosilence, the first silent hydromassage, and Hydroline, the first patented system where the classic nozzles have been replaced by minimalist slits which ensure continuity of the material. Both of these innovations can be viewed at our Sydney bathroom showroom. In its careful selection of materials and technological expertise, Teuco is a market leader and therefore, the finest choice for your Sydney bathroom renovations.

Teuco’s patented and exclusive product Duralight® allows it to create bespoke products and complete wellness solutions for clients. In its pursuit of innovative and cutting edge techniques and materials, Teuco is a global bathroom brand that continues to open up many exciting possibilities for bathroom design. To further experience the unparalleled quality of this sumptuous brand, pay a visit to our Sydney bathroom showroom.


Imagine the bliss of coming home to your own Hydrospa. Designed and made in Italy by Teuco. Incorporate a Hydrospa into your Sydney bathroom renovations and create a corner of paradise to share with your friends and loved-ones.

Its comfortable design starts with the seats, which are welcoming and ergonomically-shaped. Hydrospa has a multitude of jets, each positioned in strategic points to target specific areas of the body during the massage.

A Hydrospa is a true asset to your lifestyle and your home and therefore essential to any modern bathroom renovation. It can be positioned indoors or outdoors, and is available in a range of colours and styles including Seaside 640, Seaside 641, Cheers, Mirror 630, Mirror 620, 629 and Commercial in various dimensions.

Depending on the model you choose, other options can include small waterfalls, inbuilt chaise lounges for full immersion, magnetic headrests, lighting effects and a surround sound system: all the ingredients you’ll need for total relaxation or a real party atmosphere. Its robust heating system keeps the water at a comfortable temperature, making the Hydrospa inviting all year round.. If you want to enquire further about incorporating this opulent range in your bathroom renovations, pay a visit to our bathroom showrooms in Sydney.


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