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Cesar launched as a family business in 1969, and its designs throughout the years have reflected the changing trends and interests of the market in the decades since. In its early years, Cesar quickly became one of the top Italian companies producing ‘American style’ kitchens, featuring modular, versatile, dynamic designs.


Throughout the 1980s, Cesar’s kitchens reflected the emerging interest in design, and from the 1990s, focus began to shift towards simplicity and to reinstate values including the importance of family and the home. Cesar responded with clean lined, highly functional designs that could be customised to be in sync with the needs of the customer.


Since the start of the new century, Cesar has continued to innovate and seek out exciting new ways to create contemporary kitchen furniture of distinction. A constant focus has been the company’s unfailing commitment to quality.


Cesar continuously conducts customer research and its range of living area furniture was developed in response to customer demand, enabling a unified, beautiful flow between kitchen and living spaces – highly valued in today’s open plan homes. Cesar is the premier choice for Sydney kitchen renovations, visit our kitchen showroom to experience the extraordinary quality Cesar has to offer.


For Cesar, the term ‘quality’ is synonymous with ‘satisfaction’. In creating their gorgeous kitchen collections, Cesar pays great attention to the accuracy and detail of the production process. As a result, Cesar’s kitchen furniture is of unrivalled quality making it the ideal choice for your Sydney kitchen renovations.


Cesar understands there is great pleasure in being surrounded by objects you are fond of. That’s why it has a passion for making kitchen furniture that is refined, exciting and highly functional – and creating designs that make you feel instantly at home.


The flexibility of Cesar’s designs make it possible for each customer to create a look and layout that perfectly matches their personal style and lifestyle. Whether it’s one of Cesar’s top end models or a kitchen from its more affordable mass-market range, you are assured of kitchen furniture that injects warmth and personality into any interior.


As one of Italy’s most highly regarded kitchen and living area furniture companies, Cesar continuously seeks out the new, looking for innovative materials and finishes to create unique, functional and visually appealing kitchens, and reinforcing the company’s position as a market leader. To further explore Cesar’s dynamic and elegant design options, pay a visit to our Sydney kitchen showroom.


Respect is a core value that sits at the heart of all Cesar’s activities. This means respect for the environment, respect for Cesar’s employees and collaborators, and respect for the company’s customers expressed in the care it takes in developing quality products that enhance lives and promote wellbeing.

Cesar respects the delicate balance of the environment, and strives to protect it by minimising the impact of its activities. The company is conscious of taking care of the environment so that future generations have the opportunity to enjoy the same quantity of resources we have received from our predecessors. These are values Cesar strongly believes in and the company continuously refines its processes and approach to pursue these ideals.

Cesar has adapted its methods to align with national and international standards for environmental protection. In producing its kitchens, Cesar adopts the most innovative environmental protection and health-promoting solutions to safeguard wellbeing. Cesar is the premier choice for any modern kitchen renovations.


Cesar’s kitchens are developed through continuous research into design, materials and production processes – with the aim of achieving the highest possible quality with the least possible environmental impact. For a further understanding of the Cesar ethos and aesthetics and how they might be incorporated into your renovations, visit our Sydney kitchen showroom.


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